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Oct 22, 2006
:confused: 6 weeks ago I went to my GP with these symptoms:

Chest pain
Rib pain
Upper back pain

He prescribed anti dep and said anxiety( which I have suffered from but never had meds) Unconvinced this is anxiety I buy an over the counter stomach ulcer test kit. This test showed positive to the infection of Helicobater pylori which is linked to stomach ulcers. I went back to my GP armed with the kit and result, he then precribed 2 different sorts of anti bios and Omeprazole 20mg(gastro-resistant tablets) and an apointment to go back in 2wks. After 2 wks I went back and explained I still had the same symptoms, he told me it was def anxiety. 2 yrs ago because of these symptoms I had a chest x-ray, ecgs, treadmill ecg, heart tape test as I was convinced it was heart related, all tests were clear.. These symptoms are driving me mad and for the past couple of weeks I have been posting on the anxiety board. But stumbled a couple of days ago on to this 1, I've read many posts and I seem to relate more to this board. I am wondering if this is GERD, I realise that Gerd and anxiety can be related. I would really appreciate a Gerd sufferer to post me there symptoms and there "take" on whats been going on for me. Cheers:confused:

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