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Hi - I was just diagnosed with LPR and put on Aciphex 2x day. My only symptom was a chronic dry hacking cough that started this past mongh usually if stressed, after eating, talking or bending over (at waist or bending head down esp. if sitting). No cough at all during the night. I had gained some weight this past year so was wearing pants very tight and restricted at the waist so I began dieting a month ago, cut out all drinking and "bad" foods and soon after I started the diet I developed the chronic cough. Oh, and this past year my teeth became sensitive to cold and certain foods (despite good dental care). Also, I eat very spicy food all the time, lots of raw onion on everything, mustard, salsa, hot peppers, and red wine in moderation (cut out wine with diet but not spicy foods). In fact during the past few weeks on the diet I increased spicy foods.

The day after beginning the Aciphex (2 days ago) the cough almost totally stopped. I get a tickle in the back of my throat after eating but only coughed once or twice in 2 days (vs. coughing all day as before), however, I am eating very little. I also cut out all spicy foods and have only been eating English muffins, cottage cheese, soy burgers, milk, plain chicken and oyster crackers and a bit of sorbet.

My question is - what are people's experiences with LPR cough and being able to eat less restricted diets that those with GERD or more serious LPR symptoms? If I am careful while on the Aciphex over the next 3-6 mos. will I be able to go back to eating more regular stuff and occasional wine when I go out? I assume this might depend on different people. But, could I be creating further damage and not knowing it if the cough resolves - and the cough has been my only symptom so far??

I would appreciate any help and hearing about anyone who only experienced the symptom of chronic cough without the other throat symptoms typical of LPR. Obviously I am wondering how much of a life change I might need to make.


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