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[QUOTE=jj9500]Ema 2 - I get these terrible attacks (that's what I call them). They start in the mid chest and down to the center of my upper stomach by the rib cage. It doens't burn at all - it's a terrible pressure, it radiates to my back too - between the shoulder blades. It's the most terrible pain I've ever felt. I feel like I'm having a heart attack. Like somebody has a vice grip on my upper body and is just squeezing it. It will deminish away for about 10 minutes and then flares back up. The longest episode I had went on for 5 hours off and on. Even while on Protonix! During these episodes I take tums, maalox, whaever else I can find. It seems like it's almost air trapped inside my upper body. It is VERY scary. An ocasional burp helps things out. I know it sounds gross, but sometimes I actually regurgitate things up which leads me to beleive this is a acid reflux problem. It seems to flare up after heavy fattening things (last time I had it after spaghetti and buttered garlic breadsticks) Even the next day I feel soar in the chest area. I ws at the doc last year for it and they tell me to stay on the protonix when needed. I get back on when an episode flares up. But, after this last one....I'm almost tempted to go back in and find out if it truly is acid reflux - I'm wondering if it could be gall stone related. I had a gallbladder out 2 years ago, but i've read that gallstones can get trapped in your biled ducts and cause sypmtoms similar to the pressure in the upper abdomen that radiate to the back. Do my symptoms sound similar to what you have?[/QUOTE]

This is very simliar to what I've been dealing with lately....A good burp/belch relieves the pain for a good amount of time...I notice it more when on my feet on waking up in the middle of the night...Usually when I drink water it helps but today at work nothing was helping till I sat down for a bit...THen I went to subway an ate and now I'm fine..when I went to the doctor she said post nasal drip can cause this, so she gave me allerga D and flonase...I am thinking these medicines aren't really helping me 2 much..I aslo feel like I have mucus stick in my throat but it goes away after a while...we gotta find out what this is..cause its VERY ANNOYING!

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