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Hey guys and gals,sounds like what your experiencing is something that i dealt with on a continuing basis for about 2 yrs.I have gerd,when it started i noticed a burning pain under my right breast on the bone.Got on ppi's things got better.One morning i wokeup with this dull like ache under my right breastbone that would radiate to my left sided shoulder blade.Got to the point that it stayed with me 24/7.Always felt like something felt stuck.Bout drove me over the edge.I had 4 different docs who were doing different tests.Sometimes they repeated tests.I had so many tests done i was startiing to feel like a guinea pig.After it was all over with and they couldnt find out what was wrong they gave up.The docs said that they didnt think my gerd had anything to do with the pressure.Funny tho that it started the same time my gerd did.After about 2 yrs ,i wokeup one morning and it was gone.Every once in awhile the pressure will showup under the breastbone,its usually disappear overnight or by the next night.Kinda worries me cause im afraid it might come back and stay for good.Be prepared because you just might not ever find out what causes the problem.Hope yours gets better.Take care.:confused:

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