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Hi I can say that your symptoms is somehow leading to GERD. I have it and I am also having the same symptoms as you... specially the ache or tenderness in the right side right under the rib.. it moves from time to time... to the left or lower right side or the mid ... but the right side is the most often and constant one.. however my GI had me do an endoscopy first before he point it to GERD, I am thinking your doc should also do that 1st to rule out other possible diseases.

As for the pain... we know that GERD is due to an irritated esophagus... but it also affects other parts of the stomach... and is most often tag along with duodenal ulcers... duodenum is the part of the small intestines which is located in the right upper part.. behind the rib cage.. aside from my irritated eso... my GI also see though the endoscopy that that part of my intestine is also irritated thus casuing the pain... well that is as far as I know... hope it helps. :)
thanks for the reply chikkie14 - it's a very odd desease to say the least - right now i have a pain under my right rib cage to the right and one under my left rib cage to the left of it and sometimes i feel one in between my ribs. it affects me all over the place and like you said moves around - it's so strange. yes i would definitely like to get this confirmed with other test(s) because it's unsettling to say the least - all i can wonder is if it's something more serious like cancer or something that's being left untreated. i'm not sure whether to go back to my GI (my GI would tell me i'm just over worrying and perinoid) or go and get a 2nd opinion from another doctor, that's bothering me to.

BTW Do you find that you get pain/aching with physical activity? it seems to be what triggers mine off (in the mid-back area) but i'm not sure & do you get any relief from the symptons? nothing seems to do much for me - geez it's very annoying & i hate the thought of having to live like this, it's very unsettlling to say the least.

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