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Yeah, it feels as though my heart is skipping a beat, and then beating an extra one to catch up, then I get shortness of breath and my heart pounds hard and fast! I can hardly stand it. Docs tell me it might be anxiety too. But this is hard for me to accept as it happens wwhen I am not even anxious or worried sometimes!
are you on medication now 652? I read that the chest flutter is aused by the irritated esophagus spaspming.. PPIS should control it too... 1st week i took PPI i felt almost normal... occasional bloating and side effects but the chest flutter is back just now. Have you had endoscopy?? Ithink you should consult a GI so you'll know whats wrong inside and he can give you the right meds... I tell you when my stomach feels alright.. the anxiety is gone too... so for me its not myanxiety thats causing it.. its "it" thats causing my anxiety.

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