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Hello Oldman 21... I just read your reply to ebeth 10. Maybe you could help answer some questions for me , for my sister. Sister had her gallbladder out many years ago. Every once in awhile she has bad pain, under the rib cage, and says it feels like her liver. She had endoscopy done about 4 years ago, and is scheduled this Nov. for another. Last one said, she had reflux, but that her stomach lining is coming up into the esophagus. They put her on meds, but after months she felt better, but now its back again. Doc says she could have a gall stone caught in the duct. question, could she still have this awful pain, without the gallbladder? From what I read from your reply, am I correct to understand that you still have yours?
Also, the part where you mention this could lead to other blood problems, she was informed that her blood platlets are high, and the hematologist put her on a med called Hydrea. This is a cancer drug. Doc feels that there is an infection in her body causing the platelets to elevate. She has had bone marrow test, and every other test you can think of, but they can't find the infection, that is if that is really what is causing the rise in platelets..She is so tired of doctors and the meds make her super tired. She is at the end of her rope. I pray for her all the time, in hopes that the good Lord will guide these doctors to find the real cause. If there is any info you could pass on to me for her , I would really appreciate it. Thanks for listening,., Its nice to know there are people out there who really care. Thanks again. Janatee:)

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