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Re: Hi there
Nov 17, 2006
hi there mad maz
i have pains in various places around my torso. the rib pain is like a knife poking from the inside and happens both left and right sometimes if im bending forward i get an immese pain as i sit up (like my ribs got logged under something. i get it on and off, each time it comes back it seems to go on for a few days then go for a few. the shoulder pain is almost on and off daily with just one or two days releif once in a blue moon. my sternum (bone down centre of breast) has shooting pains every now and again and on one occassion was absolutley excruciating to the point i thought i was having a heart attack and so tender to touch when it happened(as are the ribs under breast when they hurt) i also get a full heavy feeling in my sternum after eating and heartburn silently burping and nasty tastes. my lower back has like catching pain between hip area and lower ribs and my upper back gets like a burning pain, as if someone is each side of my spine pulling it apart. i use ibrofen gel sometimes which does seem to ease these aches and pains for a short while on most occassions. all this has been going on for around 6 months before that i was dianosed with a cough based asthma. you mentioned pelvic pains, just yesterday i suffered from terrible pains in both sides down in my pelvic region, i found i needed to go to wee quite a lot and i took some pain killers which took the pain a way. a few weeks ago i had a strange pain there also it was very quick in duration but felt like something had shot down my pelvic region (like giving birth almost) i have not yet had any tests done and am waiting on seeing a physio. this has probably not helped you at all but it is nice to talk to people who are experiencing similar things and dont just think your mad. please keep in touch, be nice to know of any outcome. kind regards.

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