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I have finally been diagnosed with LPR it only took a year and a half of suffering. The worst symptom is bad breath (it's the most embarrassing anyway). I can't sit at my desk without people passing and coughing and during meeting the room is filled with this horrible smell. People usually stand back or hold their nose when I speak as well-my social life has certainly changed. I have a sore thoat; red, irritated, tonsils; runny nose; the feeling of food and liquid coming up in my esophagus and really bad ear infections and pain.

I've been on Nexium six weeks then I switched to Prevacid. No change. I changed my eating habit and I now wait at least 4 hours to lay down after eating before I would eat and then lay down and watch television.

My question is could this be the main reason nothing had worked so far? So far I've had a doctor tell me that surgeyr is the only way to cure this--it terrified me. So far, the meds have helped but hasn't stopped the symptoms above. I want my life back, I want to feel attractive, normal, and good again but will surgery be the only fix for this?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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