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Interest reading which is giving me a bit more information on this wicked thing called GERD:bouncing:

I have what you call Silent GERD with a hiatal hernia. My esophogus is what they call grade II ulcers which affects my sinuses as well. I've had excuriating back pain that lasts for days and has only been controlled by a mixture of Darvocet and Lortab for more than a year now. I did find that a GI cocktail in the emergency room took that back pain away in less than 10 mins ONLY AFTER they ruled out heart attack. UGH, which time

Believe me, GERD does affect your breathing. I am now in the end (I hope) middle of my 6th bout of aspiration pneumonia. It occurs when the acid and gases from the stomach drift into your lungs. My first occurance of repiratory failure occured in August, 2006, when silent GERD was finally diagnosed.

I have an appointment this Thursday with the surgeon for a procedure called a Nissen Wrap which is suppose to fix the hernia as well as the faulty valve. As weird as it sounds I can actually feel the valve opening and closing with each breath I take. I'd like to hear any feed back from anyone who has had this procedure done. The way I've got it figured is that it can't make life anymore miserable than it already is.

I have been and still on high doses of Nexium, Prilosec, Zantac which did work for a few months. It worked so well I could use my inhaler without esophogus spasms. My voice changed drastically (polyp on the voicebox) and I felt great. Worse thing about GERD is there is no warning that it is going to hit. You're just drastically ill.

I had no clue that these kind of problems could occur with simple heartburn, shocking to say the least. I can honestly tell each of you to take this very seriously. I have several doctors now that are working with me. I have a Internist, ENT (not much help), gastroenterologist, pulmonologist. Do not give up, demand answers and the best help you can get.



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