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I have had reflux all my life. that being said i have been on prevacid for about 5 years with great success until May. suffered several work injuries and had to take steroids hence the problem began. started with choking at night when i laid down accompanied with a horrible cough. having asthma i pulled my inhaler out thinking that's what it was . it wasn't. since then i have seen my PCP, 2 ENT's. the cadio a neuro and have had every test under the sun done. the only thing that showed in the modified barium swallow was delayed emtying. not bad and it wasn't consistant. when the swallowing difficulty started especially with saliva i went back for more tests. they found an enlarged thyroid with nodules. had everything including a biopsy done and that has been outruled. finally after explaining it all to the neuro he said all symptoms, the lump in my throat, trouble swallowing, jaw pain (at times) chest pain etc. etc sounded classic of esophageal spasms. since i had stomacj spasms most of my life and am under alot of stress and very anxious this made sense to me. finally after 8 mos. a dx. haven't seen the endo for years and i guess it's time. PCP agrees but hasn't put me on any meds to help or change my prevacid. i have tried nexium in the past and had better results with prevacid. have noticed in the past two weeks that i cannot eat a large full meal. if i do i am in pain and have indigestion for days. i'm learning my triggers but still believe something to calm my stomach would be a great advantage.

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