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Dec 3, 2006
Everywhere I look on the net, Apple Cider Vinegar is cited as a CURE for any type of high acid stomach problem. I can't find one site that says anything negative about it...and yet...taking ACV caused me to develop an inflamed duodenum (duodenitis) which I now have to take Losec for. Any doctor I speak to (and I've seen several) look at me like Im crazy for ever having ingested apple cider vinegar as it is clearly ACIDIC. But every website on the net that has posts from people suffering from acid problems rave about this being the cure. I feel like everyone is on crazy pills. What's worse is I never felt better than when I took the apple cider vinegar, brief as it was. I had more energy, my skin cleared, my depression lifted etc...but after a few days my stomach became inflamed, I mean constantly bloated/extended to the max capacity. This lasted for 2 months and then small pains on the right side came and went from time to time too. Since I started the losec the bloating has gone away but I still get the weird pains from time to time. Anyway, can someone please explain what the deal is???
There was also a post on another website that said people with acid reflux can take the ACV by adding some baking soda to it to bring the PH to neutral...which got me wondering 2 things: 1. does that really work and, if so, 2. Why dont people cite baking soda as a cure for acid problems?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for telling your (negative) story.

This is exactly why you have to worry about all these so-called "natural" aides (they are NOT cures at all, any more than any of our other GERD meds are; a cure would actually FIX the problem, not just nurse it).

There is no research on them and if there was solid evidence, doctors would be flocking to it.

And such an "unnatural" thing as directly ingesting vinegar could cause other problems.

You have to beware such talk. Eating yogurt alot - sure. Fat chance that'll hurt. But who ever directly drinks vinegar? Why bother taking a chance on an action that is unnatural?

Thanks for your responses. I'll respond to both:

Mad Maz: I get exactly what you're talking about, except maybe the nausea...unless you just mean a generally mildly uncomortable feeling. I get that once in a while too (like after a cup of coffee) but wouldn't call it nausea because I always associate that with a feeling of wanting to throw up. The pain is like Im being stabbed from the inside...not so much with a knife, more like with little needles, and it happens in the area at the bottom of where my right rib cage starts. When its happening, if I push down on the area it feels a little sore, like a bruise. The pain also used to would pop on my left side, to the left of my belly button sometimes as well. But now its generally confined to the right area and comes once in a while and is mild. My doctor says this is normal and will gradually subside with time as the duodenum heals more and more. The Losec helped a lot. I also was checked for any stones etc and came out clean. Apparently we're lucky in that the duodenitis has a pretty high cure rate and is kind of different from the other acid problems (for instance, I never ever get heartburn..I just had the bloating, which is gone, and now only have these pains from time to time). Anyway, I hope that answers your question. I also take Bio K every morning when I wake up and my system loves this. I think its helping a lot. Water with lemon juice is great too.

Ol'Line Rebel: I agree with what you're saying, to an extent. But the source of my info on this cure is peole like you or I that are posting on websites like these, with no profit motivation, about what has helped cure them. There are hundreds of posts from these people about the ACV helping them...there must be something to it! These people can't all be crazy of lying. I just don't understand why I'm the one guy it causes a problem for that they all use it to fix themselves for!
Maybe it does work for them; and it DOESN'T work for lots of other people - you are NOT the only 1!

I didn't say lots of people aren't themselves testifying (for the time being) that such&such does them great, without interest in profit themselves. But many are drawn in by profiteers who claim this or that is a cure for everything (and from there the word spreads - word of mouth, powerful advertizing). I wish.

Beware of "testimonial evidence". It's not nearly an empirical model. Testimonies mean nothing and they could change in 5 mos when the person finds they've gotten permanent damage from "natural" stuff (but the vendors won't change the testimony). Even if they don't, it can be total coincidence. They're not controlling for other possibilities.

At the least it's just not worth the waste of $.
a lot of people told us how good the ACV cure them in the first couple days and posted here. But they never post back after they found out it did not cured them, may be they feel shame of what they said. But if they don't post the results back, the myth will last on and on and on, until someone like you brave enough to confront them. Get the truth out!!! For those who said ACV cured their illness and no need any medicines, please honestly tell the truth.

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