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Hello, this is going to be a long story...I hope you can help me
Since doctor doesnt help at all, I hope I can at least have asnwers that is closest to my symptoms from anyone that could help me and know what is possibly happening to me. I've been so confuse for a week and somtimes lead me to anxiety, because the symptoms somtimes makes me think I am pregnant or sometimes makes me think I have some kind of Acid reflux..But it seems worse than just acid reflux..Here are my symptoms...this starts happen 1 week ago..
1. I burp so much, and just keep burping till now for 1 week already...sometimes when I burp it comes out liquid..
2. I feel bloated, and I feel my stomach is bigger esp the upper ab..I guess that is because of the air inside, is that right? does this happen to anyone else?
3. I feel nausea mostly all the time, esp, after meals ( large or small, even drink water sometimes makes me nausea) this makes me no appetite to eat
4. I feel tired and sleepy
5. Started to get light headache
6. I feel pressure/ache on my back near the neck area
7. I feel a bit burning inside my stomach in the mid upper ab sometimes
8. My heart beats is not stable, somtimes faster
9. I feel tight sometimes ard the stomach below belly button
10. Somtimes I feel pressure also on my chest
11. and sometimes ard right waist stomach area, is that kidney?
Seems like i could random get pressure all over my body >.< its so scary
Sometimes I feel I am healthy. its like come and go..
12. somtimes noise from stomach
13. when anxiety comes, I feel the nausea even worse..
14. I use to go toilet regularly, but now not anymore..last time I went to toilet is about 3 days ago and its kind of minor diarrhea
I am only 24 and these all happens to me and to me it seems very serious >_< I have my period about 2 weeks ago and finished about 8-10 days ago which is a very heavy period..

Help me please >_< thank you
Hi everyone...

Sorry I have been absent for a few days..been very very busy lately...

I've been feeling really well lately...dont really have any vitamins or medications taken..things like nausea, headache, burping or bloated has totally gone..(thanks God! I hope it will never come back again ) but about a few days ago I had a extreme sore back around waist area...I think it was because I walk too much that day...I am not sure..but everything's going well now except constipation problem...I dont know what should I do with this..I eat veges, fruits, drink water..but it just not after like 5 days...I cant bear anymore, i went to pharmacy and he give me laxative tablet...I have no choice..I couldnt swallow more food unless, it came out...after taking only once laxatives tablet....the next day, I can go to toilet and I feel a lot lot lot better....but I know i cant take too much laxatives because too much is not I never take anymore..and continue with lots of fruits, veges and water..but now...I am still constipated for 3 days..I am afraid that will cause all the nausea and others back again...

Does actually constipation, cause same symptoms as acid reflux or low stomach acid or gallbladder or gerd..i wonder........

I wish good luck to all of you and hopefully we all can be on top health again :)

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