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Are these symptoms of LPR?

I have noticed over the last 6 months that the enamel on my teeth is wearing away. I've got clear spots up by my gum line on some of my teeth and the enamel on my front teeth is almost gone to where the tooth is almost transparent.
I read on another site where this is a sign of too much acid reflux.
Also the other night I had a huge flareup and my throat burned so bad I was ready to go to the ER, if you read my post that was me. I didn't do anything but drink a lot of water and the burning eased up a bit to where I could finally get some sleep.
Now since that bad flareup anything I drink,even water feels like it straining to go down my esophagus. I am really scared that my esophagus has closed up a bit and I'm afraid to eat anything and choke.
I took someones advice from a post (I'm sorry I forgot your name but THANK YOU if you read this) to get carnation instant breakfast, I got vanilla and mixed it with skim milk and drank about 3 glasses of that yesterday and last night I got horrible diarreah and still a little bit this morning and my stomach is growling and making all kinds of weird noises at me today? I wonder if its the milk or what? I used to drink carnation all the time and never bothered me before. I tried a few saltine crackers last night drinking a carnation and I ate about 3 of them I think then I got a clogged feeling in my throat that wouldn't go away. Even after I drank liquid to try to wash it down it still felt like it was stuck. Just sitting in the top of my throat and the liquid strained to go down like it was there blocking it.
I am scared I don't want to lose anymore weight , I've lost so much weight since this all started and I'm trying to stop, but I'm now scared of eating, choking to death and dying.
Last time I saw my doctor when I was on insurance a few months ago he told me he thinks I'm doing this to myself and asked me if I had an eating disorder! He thinks I don't want to eat! I started bawling in his office and his face was just like stone, he didn't care! He didn't understand what I would give to be able to eat pizza or a hamburger again and enjoy it. I don't want to die from this, I am scared to eat, scared of choking when I eat.
Does anyone have this fear or is it just me and I'm the worlds biggest hypochondriac?
I'm even scared of the medicines, I've got generic Zantac, with active ingredient rantadine in it, that are sort of small pills, smaller than Nexium or Prevacid but I'm scared that they'll make me feel worse or make my throat swell up even worse. I tried Nexium and had a bad allergic reaction to it and the Prevacid, I've tried the capsules and the dissolvables and they make my throat feel worse. Or that could all be in my head because I'm so panicked freaked out all the time now.
I am just a mess! I don't know what to do. My family, my husband, no one understands, I wouldn't wish how I feel everyday for the past 2 1/2 years on my worse enemy!
I am out of work, laid off, no money, no health insurance, barely making ends meet with my unemployment income.
I'm sorry to vent and make this post so long but this is the only place I've ever found where there are people just like me.
Thank you all so much!

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