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Hi: I have the shortness of breath too. I had a few severe episodes of night-time reflux that caused me to literally jump up out of my bed - LOL
I've been having breathing problems ever since.

Also for the past month my throat has been sore and I've had nausea, coughing, hoarseness, burning and constant throat clearing. My GP said it was probably from GERD and put me on Nexium. It helped right away with the indigestion and nausea, but didn't help the sore throat. I finally got scared enough and made appt with ENT just to make sure it's not something more serious going on in my throat.

Went today for laryngoscopy and ENT doc says it looks like sore throat from GERD. He doubled my dose of Nexium and said it will probably take about 12 weeks for throat to clear up. Apparently acid in your throat and larynx does quite a bit of damage.

There's a really good article about GERD and the problems it can cause with breathing and asthma and sinuses etc. here:

I hope the Nexium will work. I think I'll have to change my diet and lifestyle, though, because I don't want to be on meds forever. No more coffee, no more chocolate, no more booze, and no more chips and ice cream at 11:00 pm. Good grief - my life is over ;)

Have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


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