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Hi guys,

I'm a 24 yr. old female, 110 lbs. A few days ago I started feeling very nauseated and light headed after some physical exercise (riding my horses). I didn't think much of it and thought my blood sugar was low (I've been hypoglycemic) so I ate. The nausea continued through the next day and recently I saw my OB/GYN who thought my birth control may be dehyrating me (I've had recent vertigo/dizziness). I drank 2 big bottles of Powerade the last couple of days, lots of water, and grape juice to keep hydrated. Last night (Xmas Eve) after drinking the grape juice I got so nauseated I thought I would vomit. I never did vomit, took a Pepcid tablet, and managed to sleep through the night but woke up the next morning, drank a glass of milk, and the nausea got much worse. Today, I've had horrible acid reflux, burning, etc. but I've also gagged several times with the acid coming up my throat. It's like I'm going to throw up but nothing comes out. I took a Protonix (my step mom has an Rx.. not much I could do on Xmas to get one myself) and downed some Mylanta but it didn't help.

Several years ago I had a bought with gastritis, acid reflux, H. pylori infection, etc. so I've had stomach problems before but I've never never gagged and retched with acid reflux in the past like I do now. Also, I feel BETTER when I lie down with a couple of pillows to keep my head up. I've read on here that most people feel better when they are standing or moving around. I feel much worse when moving around and standing is what causes me to gag.

Just wondering if anyone else has these symptoms that seem so opposite from regular GERD symptoms? I also have a constant "hungry" feeling in my stomach but when I eat it doesn't go away as well as back pains, of course tons of nausea, and the burning sensation. I'd like to believe it's just GERD but my symptoms are a little different so it would feel better to know someone else out there feels the same. Thanks for listening. :)

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