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I started suffering from LPR in late August of 2006...and I've been trying ever since to get some concrete answers for the many problems I have been experiencing.

I've read quite a few posts on this board...I've actually gone back and read almost 2 years worth of old posts and messages, looking for clues, cures, tidbits of information... ...basically anything which might potentially help me to solve this unbelievable riddle..LPR.

The majority of posters are obviously frightened by "strange and unusual" symptoms (I was definitely one of them), and are attempting to find out what exactly is wrong.

I was very sad to see that so many posters did not have any type of medical insurance, and were basically floundering on their own, searching out online medical advice ...and/or trying to treat themselves with over the counter medication or supposed natural remedy cures.

I was extremely frustrated by the volume of posters that suffered with these "strange and unusual" symptoms for many years without any real diagnosis, treatment, or assistance from the medical community. Some people didn't have a clue that they suffered from LPR...which is also referred to as "SILENT Acid Reflux", since heartburn is rare.

I was amazed to find out that LPR (Laryngopharengeal Reflux) is a relatively new medical term/ailment...and that the medical community is just recently acknowledging LPR. I myself recently had an appointment with a Gasto Dr., and he informed me that many Dr.'s don't even believe that LPR exists. now...many of us know the major symptoms; Hoarseness, Excessive Throat Clearing, Copious Amount of Mucous/Phlegm, Lump in the throat sensation (Globus), Swallowing Difficulty, Heartburn (Rare), Chronic Cough, and sensation of postnasal drip

Many of us have had the various tests, Endoscopy, 24 pH name a few.

Many of us know the treatment...6 Months of Double Dose PPI's (proton pump inhibitors) for 6 months.

Many of us avoid or have been told to avoid; Caffeine, Carbonated drinks, Chocolate, Peppermint, Tomato and citrus foods, Fatty and fried foods.

Many of us have been told... Lose weight, Quit smoking, Wear loose clothing, Elevate our Beds, Do not drink alcohol, Eat small meals and slowly, and Avoid eating and drinking within two to three hours prior to bedtime

Some have opted for surgical intervention...

And although some of these "remedies" may help...there really is no 100% CURE!!!

At least to my knowledge!

I would love to know if ANYONE out there...that has suffered from LPR...and NOT Classic Acid Reflux...has found a cure, or feels they are 100% better. Whether it be medical, surgical, or otherwise, I would LOVE to hear 1 POSITIVE Story.

I get the impression that the players tend to change regularly on these types of boards. I would imagine that once the disease is under control, many posters go about their normal lives...and really don't need to come onto a message board any longer(which is quite understandable).

So...I am hoping that someone...anyone out there has some hopeful news, information, or a personal story about a REAL Cure for LPR...Thank You :wave:
Can someone tell me more about LPR??? My mom has has acid reflux for many years but never had any tests done because she knew what it was and immediately started taking meds but she still has alot of problem including copius amounts of phlegm, she has all the symptoms mentioned. So Im thinking she has LPR.

Ok, Im new to acid reflux, mine started a couple months ago, and I too havent had any tests done yet. But isnt it wierd that as soon as my reflux started that I suddenly feel like I have horrible sinus problems?? I have so much mucus in my throat like my mom and its like you can never get it up so it looks like we both have LPR, doesnt it?? Does LPR make your sinusus worse? Also, ever since my reflux started my throat has been red and nasty looking, is that a symptom of LPR, does anyone else have that? It would be great if someone would tell me more about LPR, Im really hoping I can get this under control, this is just horrible. Im taking prilosec but it doesnt help with everything.
Unfortunately I have had LPR since about 1986 or so. It all started with bloating and ridiculous throat clearing. Ear-aches were common as well as chronic sore throats. About five years ago I had an endoscopy that revealed chronic gastritus and esophagitis and I was being treated for GERD by a Gastro. This past fall I developed pretty scary swallowing difficulty (food sticking near the Adam's apple) and my general practice doc referred me to an ENT. For the past few years I have had intermittent episodes of acidic taste in the back of my mouth. I have trouble with digesting meals and have to frequently force belching. I have thick phlegm that also tastes of acid. This past fall my new doc, ENT, dignosed my condition as LPR after I had a FEESST test in his office. I have been on a generic form of a PPI for the past few months, twice a day (Standard LPR dosage). He is giong to change this soon an up the dosage to FOUR times a day because the damage in my throat is moderate/severe. I have had some improvement with the current meds but no matter what I do I can not improve the bloating/digestive issue, fortunately it cycles and I have good and bad weeks. So, in a nutshell I ve been dealing with this condition for twenty years.

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