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Wanted to let you know I went to gastro doctor today, and yes, sure enough I am now scheduled for the test I have dreaded my whole life might come to. Endoscope -- Doctor has assured me he will knock me out. And I think yeah, that's what they tell you, but is that what he will do. From the way I described my problems, chest pains that feel like heart pains on the left hand side behind breast bone, with no acid reflux or regurgitation -- he mentioned something called "nutcracker" esphogagus, etc. I appreciated the notes you all have written, and am going to try to concentrate on the fact I need this test done, and after that hopefully it'll be over, and that I'll be on the way to some type medication or healing.
Chest pain can be acid reflux. I have the pain over my left breast all the time. Check the symptoms of heart attack at the American Heart Association. I always figure if my left arm is not hurting and it doesn't feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest then it's heartburn or gerd. Have all the tests you can get your dr to authorize because it could be more serious than you think. My cousin did nothing for her stomach and ended up having most of it cut out. I wish I could say I watch my diet but I love spicy food. I do make sure I take my pills everyday. If I don't then I'm sooo sorry I didn't. Please just try to do everything possible to take care of yourself. Like the old saying goes "if I knew I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself". That's how I feel now and it's not so funny.

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