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[QUOTE=Sanchez1;2738836]I'm trying to decipher if it's actually my acid reflux or anxiety that causes this, but when I am at the computer for a long while, the upper are of my stomach hurts and feels heavy, lots of pressure. My throat feels tight, especially towards the bottom. It feels better if I go lay down.

Sometimes, it gets bad enough to happen when I am walking, even.

I though acid refulx occurs more when you lay down? Don't get me wrong, I have trouble when laying down, just not the pressurized pain I get sitting for a long time, etc.

I'm really worried it could be something else, as I have never heard of people feeling this way when sitting.[/QUOTE]
Hi Sanchez. As we "speak" I am having the squeezing in my throat with discomfort in my chest/upper stomach. I am standing as I write this - I put my laptop on top of a box so I can stand. When you mentioned the problem with sitting for a long period of time, it hit home to me. My husband and I travel a lot and if I'm in the car for too long - the agony starts. First I get chest pains, then squeezing in my throat - and then I get strange feelings in my face - like tingling/numbness. Next thing I know, I start arching my back and sticking my arms behind my head to relieve it. Unfortunately, once it starts - it does NOT stop - until I take Clonazepam. It calms down the spasms (my docs tell me it's my esophagus spazzing out - it feels like a heart attack - although I've never had one and my heart is fine).

Nevertheless, it feels awful and it causes me a lot of fear and anxiety, which ADDS to the symptoms. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for the help of benzodiazepams. I've tried all sorts of things like protonics, zantac (which is great for heartburn) and I've taken carafate for bile in stomach, I've tried tricyclic antidepressants (which are supposed to help with esoph spasms) - but the "benzoes" are definately what work for me.

I hope you can find some relief - it really SUCKS to live like this - I know!:rolleyes:

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