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[QUOTE=Heartsy;2768572]Please go to your doctor and demand that he do a gastroscope. You have the same symptoms that I have been having. The doctor thought it was an ulcer and treated me for it but that did not solve my problems. I am very healthy and have never had stomach problems.

I was getting short of breath with a feeling of a lump in my throat, thinking I was going to choke. At times I would nearly panic because I could not swallow for a few seconds. After a meal I felt like I was having a panic attack with my heart beating fast and pounding. I had a constant pain under my left ribs. At times I felt like I was having a heart attack with pain at the end of my sternum that would hurt through to the back, sometimes the pain would come up into my chest. Anything with my heart was ruled out. I had my gall bladder out years ago.

I have never had reflux and very seldom have heartburn.

He finally did a gastroscope and found that I have a large hiatal hernia that is putting pressure on my lungs and heart. I am preparing to go in for hernia repair in two weeks.

Most people think they could not possible have a hiatal hernia because they do not have reflux or heartburn, but this is not so in this case. I think many times the doctors overlook a hiatal hernia because the patient does not have reflux or heartburn. I hope this helps. I will post again after my surgery.[/QUOTE]

Are they just going to repair the hernia or are you getting a nissen fundoplication where they wrap the top of the stomach around the esophagus? I am intestest in getting my hernia fixed to get the pressure off my heart and lungs as well but i don't want the wrap.

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