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I went to a cardiologist because of heart palps. Had all the tests done to include heart monitors, EKG, nuclear stress test, etc. All but heart cath. Finally after 2-3 months of chest pains on the upper left (behind left breast) I went to a gastro doctor convinced it had to be my esophagus or something. Endoscope was done this morning, and from what he could tell everything is fine. I also keep being told it's stress. This gastro doctor gave me an anti-depressant prescription this morning. I do not want to take it. The only place I hurt is the upper left chest area. It feels just like heart pains. I cannot seem to find out what is wrong. I also am made to feel it's all in my head now, and I'm beginning to think my husband feels that way. I know this pain is real, and I'm scared. It's ruining my life this way. I was told by the cardiologist 3-4 months ago I have what they call sinus tach (can't remember how to spell the rest of the word), but that it is normal. But my heart palpitates. I can live with it, but not this other pain. So as you, I do not know what else to do, but I am NOT under stress. As a matter of fact, I just retired about 2 months ago, and happy. the only stress I have is worrying why the pain.

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