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so anyone ever get a detailed description of what this pressure is that builds up in your throat? for me it feels like pressure trying to explode out my esophagus but the part of the throat that closes when you're not swallowing is holding it all back. Is it gas pressure from the stomach or is it the esophagus being inflamed. and for me it's getting worse day by day!! and the really weird thing is that it starts around the same time everyday, right about 4pm and all through the night. I lay down and go to sleep and wake up the nex day and it just feels a little sore but no pressure again until around 4pm. It's like clockwork.

would you be getting feelings of sickness if you had H.Pylori? Through this whole thing i have not been sick once or nausiated. ONe time i was sick with fever but there was a stomach virus going around so i just assume it was that. i have no stomach cramping, vomiting, bloody stool, etc. Just plain annoying GERD with acid reflux but taking prevacid and can still feel some activity as far as burning when burping.

One more quick thing, i know GERD and acid reflux can cause asthma, but can asthma cause GERD and acid reflux?

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