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I always have pain in my back but i stand all night long at my job too. I also get the urge to make a bowel movement but manage to release nothing but gas. I'm either very constipated from the meds or from something else going on in my digestive track or both. Aloe gel works very well but last night it scared me into panic mode when i spotted mucous along with blood on the toilet paper. Not a whole lot and just on the paper, nothing in the stool. So i'm pretty sure it's just from using the aloe and starting up on probiotics in capsules. Can't do yogurt anymore, i get way to gassy and too much pressure. I'm not sure if all dairy is going to do that now or not, i'm in experimental mode! Yeah, i can't wait till this cold air is out of here. It seems to completely set me off once i breathe in cold air. then my esophagus and back and throat hurt the rest of the day and night. maybe your pain is just from gas. also i know depending on how my posture is when i'm standing all day long it seems to trigger a lot of problems with me. i've become very concious of how i stand lately and it does help. also with sitting too!!

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