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[QUOTE=wwjjz;2801029]Hi, October:

I have tried on SBC diet for ~ two weeks, and I still have the throat symptons. My daily food are green veges, chicken, eggs, fish, honey, almond, carrot. I was on Zegerid 40mg for 2 weeks (sample from my GI doctor), then I switched to generic PPI omeprazole 20mgx2 per day because I have higher copay for the previous one. I tried to take later only 20mg/day but my throat hurts so I take 20mgx2 as my doc instructed.

I guess that I have to add digestive enzyem as you. Can you please tell us the brand name, price, size,... etc. Thx.[/QUOTE]
Here is the information about the digestive enzymes. They are from GNC (health food chain). They are called "Multi-Enzyme Formula". It is a "premium digestive formula that combines nine enzymes with acidophilus". As it mentions on the bottle, I take 2 capsules before every meal.
The only other thing I am doing different than your list of foods that you eat is that I found that I have a problem with egg yolks. So, I buy the cartons of 100% egg whites from the store and have them.
You should notice that your stomach isn't as bloated when you are on this diet.
Also, I read a very interesting book called something like "stomach acid is good for you". And, it totally changed my thinking about digestion and stomach acid. It explains that most people who have reflux have too little acid in the stomachs, not too much. And, then on top of it, we are prescribed Nexium and such which blocks the acid even more. This book states a proven fact that the majority of people produce less stomach acid as they age.
Therefore, those carbohydrates that are hard to digest will cause you problems. And the carbs on the SCD diet are easier to digest.
I believe what happened to me is that I got a terrible virus a year ago and it affected my stomach and I don't produce enough acid to digest the foods like I used to. My gastro once said that sometimes you can get a "lazy stomach" after a virus, then immediately prescribed a PPI???!!!. If you think about it for a minute, how in the world does the gastro know if you have too little or too much acid. There is a test called a Bravo test, where they do an endoscopy on you and put a little device in your stomach and it monitors how much acid your stomach is producing. I was very close getting this done, but the SCD diet started kicking in and I am happy with my results. Did you have an endoscopy done that showed wearing of your esophagus (that's what I have).

So, eliminate egg yolks, take the digestive enzymes, really feel how your stomach feels after each meal and if your bloating symptoms are going away, wean yourself off of your PPI's. (also, don't eat a gigantic portion of food with each meal). If this diet is working for you, you will naturally feel like you don't have to take the PPI's any more. I know, you get kind of scared not taking them. I was scared too.
Keep me posted.

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