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I am new to this site and I feel sad for everyone that has written into this site, surely there must be something that can be done for this???????
I have been having stomach problems for nearly 23 years, it apparently first started with having to have over 120 injections of penicillin after I had my daughter. Due to that Drs told me I had developed Ulcerated Colitis. 3 years ago I was told I had Diverticular Disease, shortly after I had my Gallbladder removed due to a small growth being detected in it – the Gallbladder had been causing me problems for some 5 years before it was removed. It was around this same time that I started to get strange discomfort in my stomach area just near the bottom of my rib cage from left to right. It feels as though I have swelling under there at times and it twists and contracts randomly. Had a number of tests to determine anything and Drs said you have inflammation in the stomach, don’t eat chocolate and take Nexium if the pain gets bad.
After 5 years it has now got to a stage of having severe attacks with strong pain in centre of my breasts, burning in the throat, having bouts of swallowing continuously like there is something in my throat, swelling in the upper stomach and pain through to my back, up to my shoulder and up to my ears. These attacks make me have to lay down until I feel I can function again.
Recently I went to a specialist and he said that I may have Esophagus Spasming and that there wasn’t much could be done except take drugs like Nexium and others that I couldn’t even begin to spell.
Is this like the spasms that you all are having?
From reading everyone else’s, I feel we are all lumped into one area of “well it must be anxiety so take this drug and hopefully you’ll feel better” or “there isn’t anything we can do so live with it”
This is 2008 surely someone can help all these people on this site and me with a better diagnosis than we have all been given. I am at a loss with the medical Drs that I have seen and would like to go onto a path of getting to the bottom of this illness. Since mine has worsened I have restricted my diet even more than it was due to my other illnesses, lost weight, my job has been effected as I can’t function properly and I seem to spent a lot of time lying down or in bed sleeping.
Is there any other solution than this out there?


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