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My tongue always feels raw and burnt like I burnt my tongue drinking something too hot. It also feels swollen.
I wake up every morning and my throat and mouth is bone dry. I am fine after I get up and take a drink of water or something. I am a mouth breather too and have allergies but over the past month or so my mouth has really really been dry.
I also keep getting severe waves of nausea but I am scared to throw up.
The worse my nausea gets I notice that the more raw and swollen feeling my tongue gets.
Tonight I ate some soup and drank a glass of milk, nothing abnormal that what I've eaten before but then I started to get really sick at my stomach.
My stomach always burns like its on fire and I get this really horrible sulfur, metallic taste in my mouth too. Sometimes burping helps to relieve it.
I have trouble swallowing food and sometimes liquids and I am scared to death of throwing up and the vomit getting stuck and not being able to get it out. So I am scared that I will choke to death on my own vomit.
Can this really happen? I mean not just aspirating it into my lungs and choking that way, I mean the vomit actually getting stuck in my esophagus?
Everytime I eat I have to painfully force the food down, it its something solid with lots of liquids. It feels like trying to swallow a rock that just won't go down.
Can anyone please give me advice?
I haven't officially been diagnosed with GERD, or LPR or anything although I was seeing a gastroenterologist for about 2 years for my digestive problem and he could never give me a definite answer. Now I'm without insurance and can't even go to find a new doctor.
I am so scared! I don't want to die!
What can I do? Does anyone else feel this way? I've been reading about natural remedies such as raw apple cider vinegar with mother. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can take over the counter and natural remedies for what I am experiencing?
Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from anyone with any advice.

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