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I have heard a lot about the brain / gut connection. Since I last posted to this forum, I have seen a few other gastro specialists, taken on a new internist, began to see a new holistic nutritionist and have received handfuls of new tests.

Recently, I had my hair sent out for analysis by a holistic nutritionist. The hair tells a story that the blood does not. It shows bio-chemical makeup history of your body / compared to blood that only shows what's going on at that moment! The hair analysis showed that I had an extraordinary high calcium level and low magnesium levels. A few weeks ago, I took these results to my internist who has ordered me to get some blood work done on a day where I am not feeling well to see if my calcium shows high in my blood on that day.

If the calcium does show high and them magnesium shows low, this could point towards a parathyroid problem - which does affect the pancreas. My pancreas has been the root of all my pain and suffering over the past year and a half and has proven itself in my repeated blood work that showed elevated Amylase levels.

My symptoms to this day include, dyspepsia, nausea, acid, localized pain in the area of the pancreas, glucose intolerance, yeast imbalance and constipation.

I have been put on a restricted diet of benign foods to keep my GI tract less irritated. I do not currently have gastritis and have been off of all PPI's and acid controlling medications while I am restricting my diet to wheat free products, no sugar and no dairy. ( I have been tested for all the intolerances and all came back negative ). I have also been put on a regimen of supplements ie: magnesium, b6, folic acid, etc.

The only drug that I occasionally use to this day is Motilium. It is a gastric motility drug and it pushes the food down during episodes of dyspepsia. I swear by this drug, it has helped me so much and has presented very minor side effects.


[QUOTE=worth;3708034]I was diagnosed with Dyspepsia a year ago after being misdiagnosed with Gerd, Acid Refux, Hyinal Hernia. Dyspepsia is real. You have to been ruled out for Refux which is when the flap in between your stomach and throat does not close all the way or correctly. If you have GERD or Acid refux and the only way to tell for sure is with a really good gastro doctor and endoscopy. Then I would recommed the Esophex procedure. It is New here but been in eurpoe for years. It is a nonsurgical proceedure that is done endoscopically takes 45 minutes and most people are free of sympotoms and pain and prescripions in a week. Easy, Safe Fast and effective, but only if you have Gerd or Acid refux..
Unfortunatly I have Dyspepsia and that is when your stomach over produces acid for many reasons. Part genetics, Part stress. My doctor (Botoman) in Florida, is an expert on this and took me 5 doctors till I found him. He said that our (gut) is like a brain and our brain and gut misfire and over produce acid. An easy quick fix that worked per his recommendation is Digest gold and aloe vera juice. (get he kind tha is distilled so it tasts good) The reason it works is that the digest gold and aloe tricks your stomack ino thinking it needs less acid to be produced. Over time this heals the Gastritis that most likely has developed (an inflamation in the stomach) due to over acid production. The Gastritis causes other symptoms like nausia, pain, acid comming up like acid relux sympotoms. This sound complicated, but once you find out what is wrong, there are cures for Acid relux, Gerd, Dyspepsia and Gastritis, But you have to first find a good doctor who accuratly diagnosis you and then treat it. Most doctors like to put you on nexium, zedgrd, They make so much money off of this, but unless you have a problem with stomoack emtying corectly, which most of us do not it is very rare, you are only masking the symptoms and not fixing anything, so you'll be on the meds for life or until they don't work anymore. E-mail me if you have questions, I don't like to read about people suffering like I did when you can fix it, just don't leave it in the doctors hands. Get an accurate diagnosis and treat it. You'll make a full recovery.[/QUOTE]

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