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thanks ol'Line! I kept thinking for the longest time it was NOT normal to be refluxing while on PPI's. I'm on them now for 3 months and was supposed to stop the end of this month per my family doctor. It was like a wonder drug when i first started it, not waking up in the morning anymore with heartburn. I was so happy!!! But now the pain is back between my shoulder blades and can be quite bad at times, like you swallowed a piece of food too big. we all know how that feels right? I get no heartburn anymore but i can still feel a tiny bit of burning in my stomach So i'm sure i'm still getting acid back in my throat even though i don't taste any and probly stands to reason since i'm on the Prevacid. But maybe it's been just enough to start this whole mess with my throat/swallowing, ear pain, etc. I'm almost positive after reading all the posts that i may also have this LPR thing now. i'm always swallowing thick mucous and trying to clear my throat. the mucous and clearing is ten times worse after eating. I get hoarse when talking but not always. Talking actually sometimes is quite tiring to my throat and neck muscles and would rather not talk at all. Sometimes my voice crackles too. I can swallow food better than my saliva which is really weird! Pain in ears, neck seems stiff on both sides. It just feels like something is swelling up in there and the pressure that seems to accumulate seems to literally restrict my head and neck movements. it is indeed rather painful. I don't have any coughing though, and most people seem to have that. I've tried and tried to figure out what causes these spells, i don't have them all the time but mostly they seem to come an hour or two after eating larger meals. Would LPR cause pain between the shoulder blades? I really have bad pain in my esophagus between my shoulder blades.

I made an appointment with the ENT doc. I just have to know that this is NOT cancer! I need to hear it from a medical professional. I think eventually i will also head to the chiropracter. For years now i've had a problem with my neck back in my spine area. I've always thought it to be a pinched nerve or something of that nature. I can literally overnight just by turning my head the wrong way on my pillow cause myself a weeks worth of excruciating pain and misery in my neck down the the left shoulder blade. thanks for everyone's help!!

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