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I have been feeling like puking for the past 3 days. I was diagnosed w/acid reflux years ago but it comes and goes....nothing really seems to trigger it. The last few days I get the urge to puke....I just gag and nothing comes out although I think sometimes stomach acid does (sorry..TMI). The doctor put me on Nexium. Took the first pill today, and still feel horrible. I had major surgery 5 weeks ago and was on percocet for a week and then Ibuprofen for the entire 5 weeks. I have a feeling I may have developed an ulcer. Not sure though. Hoping I will start feeling better very soon because this is hard to deal with.
I just talked to an advice nurse this morning. I was told that because I took ibuprofen for so long, that I very well may have an ulcer...which could be causing the nausea and reflux pain.
Ibuprofen is a killer! just took one and thats where my he** started, I have never been the same ever since :mad:

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