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Almost three years ago my doctor told me I had acid reflux disease. I got on prescription pills (prilosec) and I stopped taking them on my own almost a year later and I'm cured for the most part. Only problem is, it took them two months of continuous doctor visits to tell me that's what I had and I kinda feel like they were just giving me different pills to test it out and that they weren't sure what was wrong. My only symption was feeling like I was on the verge of puking 24/7. I dropped down to a horrifying 87 pounds in those two months and it gave me a 'puking' anxiety. I still sometimes make myself nervous and therefor sick at the idea of eating out at a restaurant. I fear puking in front of people. It's crazy and I should probably see a head doctor but it's there and I don't have the money to see a head doctor. *sigh*

I just want to know if anyone else had that symptom and none of the others?
There was talk about this on a different thread but I'll also talk about it here cause it's got me worried .
For years now I constantly nearly through up but never do .
It gets worse at night - but I have to admit I have a few drinks a night and have a few cigarettes only at night .
I also get really bad anxiety, I always feel nervous and I worry a lot so I thought it could be related to that .
Anyway so last week I went tothe doctors he reckons it's reflux but I thought reflux was painful and I thought you'd get heartburn and I don't have pain-anyway, he put me on Nexium but they haven't worked yet except I've only had them for 2 days so I'll still keep trying -
Also sounds wierd I know but I actually can't burp so I thought maybe my bodys trying to bring up air I don't know but Mythica jus wanted to say I nearly through up all day but don't feel sick .
Wonder if it's silent reflux . I hope so . I've been so scared it's something serious:confused:
[QUOTE=neddyflanders;2825243]hello sitlynne, I have the exact same symptoms as you. I'm only taking a Pepcid complete before I go to bed (it use to help alot but not much now). Does the Protonix help with these symptoms? My doctor prescribed it for me but my insurance company won't pay for it unless I try a strong dose of Prilosec (which I haven't tried yet).[/QUOTE]

I tried every OTC acid reducer and Prilosec, only the Protonix works and NO my insurance will not pay for it either, well, they pay part of it, I have to pay $35 a month to have it filled.

For some reason I must take the Effexor with the Protonix, seems the Effexor eases my stress and anxiety, and then the Protonix really works for me. The lump and sore throat goes away, etc. The coughing and hoarseness is gone, but only IF I take both meds.

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