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hi km, i don't know about the constipation except to eat more fiber - like fiber one cereal - or cut back on the prevacid -but i wanted to tell you that i have the same problem with my esophagus burning as soon as acid hits it - like i can't eat olive oil because it burns me on the way down. my bravo showed i don't have reflux so its not coming back up that's the problem - it's on the way down that it hurts. i have esophageal spasms and poor clearance so that could be why - it's clinging in there - plus i suspect some kind of neuropathy - abnormal nerve sensitivity. i am going to see a neurologist this week to see what she says. but i hear ya - it's very hard to eat when stuff burns when you swallow it.

one more thing - maybe you could try stopping the prevacid - it could be causing the pain. i was on iv protonix and in severe pain the whole time. when i stopped taking it, the pain went away. but its back now.....sigh. i do think acid meds can increase pain.

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