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Aspirating acid
Mar 11, 2007
In order for you to aspirate acid it would have to be puddling up in your throat at night when you sleep, is this correct? Can it happen when you're awake and you not even know it? I would also assume that if acid was gathering in your throat at night you would have sore throats and i don't. But ENT said i had slight case of LPR so there must be some acid just not enough to cause sore throats maybe. I've seemed to have developed a pain that i have not experienced yet. It's coming from my middle back like around the shoulder blade area. It's like a burny, heavy sensation but it is not an acid kind of burning and believe me we all know how that feels. It seems to come whenever i put any extra exertion on my body like taking a walk or when cleaning the house or moving around fast. It is most noticeable when i exhale and if I exhale really hard i feel it more. I really can't tell if it's my lungs or esophagus. As far as i know i've been asthma free and chest xrays 4 months ago were all fine. It almost feels like i have bronchitis but i'm not coughing. I don't wake up coughing or any coughing spells of the sort. I would really like to believe that it's the prevacid which i've recently been upgraded to 2 a day but i've gone a few nights without taking it and i still end up getting this feeling the next day. anyone know if i can take zantac in combination with the 2 prevacid or maybe just skip the evening dose of prevacid and take zantac. I heard H2 blockers can help with getting rid of some pains that PPI's don't get rid of. My final assumption was that if i were aspirating acid that i would be coughing up a storm whether i was awake or sleeping and niether one happens. So it must just be another associated pain that comes along with this curse of this disease! My first endoscopy is 3 days away, i'm scared to death. Not of the procedure but of what they'll tell me i have. The "C" word just doesn't seem to escape my mind lately and i fear it intensely as i have used alcohol and tobacco heavily in the past.
Re: Aspirating acid
Mar 16, 2007
yes, had endoscopy yesterday, was very simple and wasn't worth losing sleep over!! They found a small polyp in the first part of my duodenum and are waiting for biopsy results to determing what to do. Other than that everything else was normal thank God and had no erosion. Needless to say i'm more flustered than ever now as to where all the pain is coming from. The way it burns in my esophagus sometimes I could have sworn i had some kind of erosion or ulcer or just something! The gastro doesn't seem to think the polyp has any impact on my symptoms. he also did not elaborate much on anything or whether i really truely have GERD. He is a great doctor but the poor guy looked extremely busy. They do all the procedures right there at the clinic, it's an outpatient center and needless to say they had my doctor booked solid all afternoon with endoscopies. Plus, i was still half looped up and my poor wife didn't know all the questions i wanted to ask. I'll have to get more answers when i go back for my follow up in 3 weeks.

Yes, the burning/pressure/pain come from right above the collarbone kinda deep in the throat. If i push on my collarbone i can feel almost the same kind of pressure. But i swear it's gone respiratory. It's not my esophagus as i know this now and i feel it now too when i'm pushing to make a bowel movement. i'm also worried now too because my left lympnode had been large now for awhile and it hurts around that area and i always have the sensation of something pushing in on my larynx. I have noticed too that whenever i get pain in my chest and back or throat i am usually very gassy as well. I gotta say though, i'm not too thrilled about going into the rest of my life with any of this and it has greatly impacted my life.

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