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Can any help?
Mar 29, 2007
i have had acid reflux for just over a year now with being diagnoised last year.
i am currently on omeprozole 20mg and gaviscon advance. i also take a wind cheater if i get that colicky pain from trapped wind.

can someone help me. over the last few days i have experienced terrible feelings of nausea. i'm not sure if this can be caused by acid reflux. i also experience a lot of rib,chest pain that can and does radiate into my shoulders. i do tend to suffer with it more on the right tho.
i have a friend and she also suffers with acid reflux and she said she too gets this sort of pain. so is it a normal part of reflux? i try to watch what i eat and i excersise at the gym.
i also suffer with panic attacks and health anxiety so as u can imagine alsorts of things are going round in my head.
i also get a feeling sometimes that something is growing inside my stomach/abdomen.. is this normal? could it be trapped wind.
i feel myself getting panicky thinking the worst.
i have had my heart monitored and that was ok. i have also had blood tests to rule out having the heli bactor virus.

i have recently been diagnoised with chostro but this feels completly different to my acid reflux discomfort.

please can anyone reassure me that what i am experiencing is normal with reflux.

many thanks
Re: Can any help?
May 16, 2007
Hi Penny

If you read this can you let me know. I am in the UK and on the same meds as you, I also suffer from health anxiety and would like to talk. I feel like I'm not getting anywhere, I am 30 years old and live a healthy life and I am worried I have something much worse than reflux and the omeprazole is not working.



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