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I have this constant burning, gnawing feeling in my stomach. Nothing helps it anymore and it never goes away. Its there from the time I wake up every morning to the time I go to sleep at night.
It used to help when I drank milk but now dairy products are making me sick.
I drink milk or eat ice cream which used to help with the burning but I get this raw very uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, especially around the area of my belly button when I eat dairy products.
I have basically been on a mush diet of soft foods for about a year now since I can't swallow solid foods anymore, I can't eat steak or a hamburger without choking. I can eat crackers, chips and solids like that but I usually stick to soft foods like cereal, cream of wheat, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, yogurt, cottage cheese etc. and of course Boost and Ensure to make up for the vitamins I can't get.
Well now my stomach is contantly bloated, it rumbles and growls constantly for days at a time and I have horrible gas and always the feeling of needing to burp but I can't. I have waves of nausea that come along sometimes and I feel like any minute I could run to the bathroom and throw up although I never do.
What is going on with me? What does this sound like?
I can't see a doctor, no medical insurance. I take over the counter Mylanta which seems to help sometimes and hot tea makes my stomach feel better too. I think its the heat from the tea not the tea itself, I buy an organic ginger lemon tea thats really good.
I am terrified of throwing up and choking to death on my own vomit or the acid from my stomach burning my throat very badly when I throw up.
I am scared of this because if I have trouble swallowing the food, getting it to go down, won't I choke on it also coming back up? Can you choke on your own vomit if it gets stuck in your throat? Has this ever happened to anyone?
I am so frustrated and tired I just want this sickness to end.
I am a 33 year old female and this has been going on in total for about 3 years almost with no relief.
Please help someone!

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