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I am SO scared of heart problems, I have had so many ekg's and a couple of holters and ten yrs ago I had an echo and I have been to the ER so many times had enzyme workups and EKG's and God knows what and in the 18 years I have been suffering from GERD and IBS, it has never once been my heart. Does that stop me from panicking? NO. This week I have had excess phlegm, not eating, not sleeping, worrying about family and work and love life stuff, anxiety up the wazoo. I have been feeling out of breath, dizzy exhausted. Can't lift a finger without getting winded. Wentto doc had EKG. I think I'm anemic. Pressure and pain in top of stomach, feels like it is pushing my diaphragm up into my chest...hard to feel like I cna get breath all the way in. Keep taking deep breaths, yawning. SoOOOOO tired. burning in throat. tender stomach every day for past week. I got so winded walkingto the store I thought I'd die. Was not wheezing, just have heart beating so HARD and makingme exhausted. Doc said to take a Xanax so I did. I mean just had EKG normal today, she said could go to er but they'd just do one there and I've been there enough times that I know if they don't see a heart attack they send you home with Protonix and give maalox. Been there done thatbut ithas never been so heavy heart short of breath before. Only mildly before but now I lay in bed and justdon't wanna move.

My blood pressure is GREAT and when I check my heart rate it's like 69-73 so it isn't going real fast and when it does go fast it's only going in the 80's. it just feels AWFUL!!!!

Doc says my GERD is affecting vagus nerve.

JJ I have that squeezing right in middle of check just where the ribs meet, at the top of my stomach. I todl doc it felt like it was squeezing off my esophagus or something. Keep taking deepbreaths.

:( *cries*

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