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Hello all, I'm pretty new to these boards. I was referred to a GI by a pulmonary specialist whom I was referred to for the nodules in my lungs. They will be monitored, however, the pulmonary doctor believes that they are scar tissue from a recent bout with bronchitis or pneumonia. I've had several of them and quite a bit of scarring in my lungs because of it. Anyway, he informed me that acid reflux can irritate the esophagus and contribute to bronchial infections. I was surprised, but in reading more, I've discovered that it's true. He presricbed asiphex.

I still have not gone to the GI as my appointment is next week. But, I have a question...I complained about this to the pulmonary doctor, and it may be one of the reasons he referred me to a GI. When I eat or drink, everything goes down fine, but then it gets stuck in my chest and can be painful. Last night, I experienced the most pain as I was eating an apple. I took a few bites and all was well. Then came the pain. It was worse than I'd ever experienced and I felt like my chest was choking. It took a while and then finally went down. This has been happening with food and liquid, but gets pretty bad with raw veggies and fruit. I tried taking it pretty slow with my toast this morning and it still got stuck, not as painful, but it was there.

Is this part of acid reflux or is it something else that was caused by it? I'm just curious if this is commonplace or not. Thank you in advance for your input.

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