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May 3, 2007

About a year ago my doctor said I had acid reflux and gave me two weeks course of tablets that got rid of it. However about 8 months later after minor surgery this returned and I went to the doctors but could only see the nurse who put it down to my anxiety and gave me cimitidine tablets, which don’t work.

For the last week I have been feeling nauseous and feel pressure under the V bit at the bottom of my ribcage, I am burping a lot and when I drink water I feel it hit my stomach. These feelings go away when I eat and return about 2 hours later. It started with acid burnt his time and after taking the medication it felt like my stomach was burning and then it turned into this feeling sick.

Do any of you have any suggestions, I am always going to my doctors and getting nowhere, I have had hemariods that have been banded twice in the last 8 months but always come back. I am 29 fit, workout and am a vegetarian and eat a low fat diet. I have tried Aloe Vera juice, manuka honey and every antacid on the market and nothing is helping. Could it be a stomach bug without the diaorhea and sickness or something much worse?

Re: Help
May 16, 2007

Thank for your reply.

A baby dose hey? I knew my doctor was not taking me seriously and putting it down to my health anxiety, something that started after one of her partners told me I had AIDS because I had a chest infection and “looked ill”. The stress of that, I have never recovered and I do overreact to things now. When I had slight anal bleeding I was convinced I had cancer (my grand dies of this) and even after the colonoscopy and the surgeon had told me under sedation that I had bad hemmoriods I was still in floods of tears when I started to come round, I was so bad he had to come out of surgery and sit with me to convince me that I didn’t.

I had my first problem with really bad reflux in May 06, I was in away from home working on a deal and my symptoms had been getting worse and worse, burning and difficulty swallowing anything. I had given up smoking and was on the inhaler (which I think may cause it as this time I am again trying to give up but with the microtabs and it’s started again), in the end by the time the train got me home I couldn’t breathe (my asthma) and had to get cover and rush to my GP. I was seen by a different doc and she looked at my records and said all this is acid reflux, gave me two weeks worth of omeprazole (I think) twice a day and it went away, and I only had the odd attack of reflux which I could control with over the counter meds.

However my hemmoriods come back and I had to go into hospital for an operation on them in March 07 and since then I have been struggling with the reflux. I went to the docs and was seen by the nurse practitioner who doesn’t have much time for me, she said omprazole was too good to give to someone with anxiety caused reflux and gave me cimitdine which did naff all.

I went to my doctors the a week ago and she has given me these, she did say she would refer me for a scope if I didn’t improve, but after my last two performances in the hospital I am sure they will be like, “massive waiting list”, “no sorry we are closed”, “don’t send her back”. I am pretty sure it will be the same team treating me.

I am not getting much acid reflux this time, I had one major load fill me mouth this morning, but more stomach burn, hunger pangs and I couldn’t swallow my tea tonight and I have a sore tongue. After the AIDS scare where I was worried sick for 3 weeks before I could have the test, which was negative and then the bowel cancer scare I said I was never going to get myself so worked up again, however I am worked up, I have had 10 different major illnesses this week (that I had matched to my problems on ******) and I am so scared that it will be third time unlucky for me if I have to have some more tests.

I am on such a downer; do you think it will be safe for me to take an extra tablet? I am scared that this will mask something more serious and I can’t get to my doctor until I get home next week and I have so many meetings and what not over the next 3 days, do I will have to make this decision on my own.

I hope you all don’t think I am totally mental, but I am alone this week in a strange country and I am feeling like crap so any advice or reassurance that you all have the same symptoms would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for long post


Re: Help
May 17, 2007
Standard prilosec dosages are:
40 mg once a day for Gerd and 40 mg twice a day for LPR. Look in to seeing if you have your stomach acid is of a low ph factor. Low ph stomach acid causes the need for more volume of acid to digest your food.. resulting in overflow and acid reflux.

Doubling up will not hurt you.. if things get worse, acid reflux wise. Look into the apple cider vinegar treatment posts about. It may be you have a low pH and you need the buffer.

If you have been on hard core anti-biotics you may need to replenish the good bacteria in your digestive track as well. Look into getting some proabotics (SP).. Mike in NY knows a good deal about this..

Over all chill, take a deep breathe, exercise a bit, take care of your sleep hygiene and relax. Live and eat healthy and hope for the best, try not to worry over the rest. I do not think you are in any danger; and the stress and anxiety you are putting yourself through will just make you feel worse.


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