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Hi again Purpleball,
I know a person who tested negative for celiac but her doctor was bright enough to tell her to cut out wheat anyhow........and she showed major improvement. So don't assume because the conventional test for intolerances is always reliable.
I know how hard it is to give up foods that we've been raised on......but give it a week or 2 without the wheat. Look up rice recipes/bread/etc. And learn to read labels really well.

Is your gall bladder okay?

Vitamins and minerals are extremely important. They are how our bodies get things make important enzymes, nerve transmission, etc., etc.
I get a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what vitamins/minerals I might need, so I do internet searches and look for a list of which vitamins do which things. For you, you could focus on the ones that seem to be most important to digestion and the nervous system.
Just start taking a good multi-vitamin every day. Then add to that a good B-complex vitamin. I like taking the sublinqual B12 tablets. One also comes with folic acid and B6.
I used to think just eating a well-balanced diet takes care of all the vitamins, but I learned how depleted of vitamins and minerals our soil has become, and how alot of our junk food actually depletes them in us.
You should really look up vegetarian stuff on the internet. I remember learning a long time ago that vegetarians easily become deficient in the B vitamins, and so you are supposed to be sure to get plenty of beans..........but do an internet search.
One thing I was thinking..........and I'm not sure how much to believe this........but supposedly not having enough stomach acid can cause similar problems as having too much. I think "Betaine" or something like that can be taken to give you more acid. You could try that.
You could also try some digestive enzymes and see if that helps move things along.
Vitamins and supplements can be overwhelming when you just start to learn about them. Get a paper and pencil and sit down at the computer, and start educating yourself slowly on what things help what in our bodies, and go to a reputable health store, and start to try out just a few of the things that seem to point to your symptoms..
The body is so complex. We might think its just a matter of our stomachs freezing up, when it could be a small deficiency in something that really messes up the whole works.
The Omega 3's and 6's are important too. Are you eating fish, and olive oil?

Back when I had incredible bloating, I used peppermint oil capsules, which helped somewhat.
Probiotics are very important. Eat lots of yogurt and find a good probiotic pill to take.
My bloating problems started after I had a horrible bout of the flu and pneumonia. I assumed the virus really messed me up, but I've always wondered if the antibiotics somehow damaged my GI tract. Unfortunately, probiotics don't seem to help me, but they might help you. It was at that time that I could eat very little, and I would blow up like a blimp. I just had to really limit what I ate.
Another thing........and I don't know if this guy has been around here, but on another GI forum I'm on, there's a guy who's written a book on how carbohydrates cause GERD.
Even if you don't have a wheat problem, you should try to cut back alot on your carbs and see if this helps. His theory is that our bodies weren't meant to eat as many carbs as we eat, and when our GI tract is overwhelmed by carbs, it quits digesting them and starts fermenting, and then everything shuts down, with tons of bloating.
I would say if you try something, try to do it for at least 2 weeks at a time, and see how you feel.

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