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I TOTALLY relate to what you are going thru. I basically had the same thing happen to me last June. So it has been a year almost now that I have been suffering myself. And frankly it is really starting to drive me crazy. Literally... CRAZY....

Mine happened one evening last June after dinner. I got these 3 sharp pains in my chest area. Low/middle of chest area/sternum area. I thought hummm, that was weird! And didn't think much more about it. But the next day I woke up with the pain still there. All in chest area. I thought for sure it was heart related. That is when this wild ride started. I ended up going to my walk in clinic they couldn't find anything and basically the dr there told me it was probably costochondritis and or GERD. I have always had stomach issues. But just thought it was stress, kids, job, whatever. All that good stuff. BUt I NEVER had indigestion really. And the pain I was feeling was not really the TYPICAL GERD symptoms. I was not getting the burning, back up of food feeling. It just started with those pains. Then it progressed....

I strated with tightness in chest, hard to swallow, just over all malaise feeling. Just felt sick. Finally after seeing every dr known to man kind and many, many tests. The only thing they did find was my gallbladder was bad. But that was not until Dec that they figured that out. I also have thyroid disease. But at taht time we were just monitoring it. No meds then. So, in late Dec I had gallbladder removed. AHAHA..... Boy was I mistaken to think it was going to solve my problem. NOPE!

So, here today I sit with basically the same symptoms I had a year ago. I have tried all the meds. No help. I also did radiation treatment for thyroid disease in Feb and now have gone hypothyroid and that is pure he**. I feel worse now than I did a year ago. lol.

I have had to leave my job. I suffer every day with pains. And NOW I even get the more classic GERD symptoms from time to time. THe bloating is really bad now though. Plus I have gained weight due to gallbladder being removed and also because of this thyroid mess. Uggg....

If u find out anything that has or is helping you I would LUV to try anything at this point myself.

Good luck 2 u! Hope this was not too long? But just wanted to let u know you are not alone in this battle... I just find it so frustrating when the medical dr's all tell me I am FINE when in reality I feel like I am dying inside.:dizzy:

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