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Explosive Burping
May 22, 2007
Hi Everyone... Do any of you have explosive burping and pain in your chest and back that feels like fire:blob_fire ? Since I have been on the Prevacid I am doing better, but I still have about 5 or 6 days a month that are really bad. Sometimes they are consecutive, sometimes not. This week is the bad one, I am on fire.... The burping is so explosive that I can feel it in my throat and it almost hurts....
I have to say that stress really seems to be a factor in this deal. I am working on the stress factor, I just quit my job so that I can work on getting better and being with my family more. Anyway, just wondering about others episodes. Mine seem to be different all of the time. Sometimes my jaw hurts, sometimes my face and sinus area. Sometimes it is my back, my chest, my stomach, my arms, my neck or my throat..... Go Figure!

Well, I wish health and happiness to each of you and look forward to hearing if you have any of these odd things happening and are they different each time.
Crazy Life

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