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Hi Karen..I feel your pain...really! The trapped wind and burping are the worst. I can burp louder than any man in a bar:) , and I am a woman. Anyway, have you had a good cardiac workup? I would ask for that just to ease your mind...truthfully if you are like me it is just really bad GERD. I had a complete cardiac workup last March and the doctors said it was not my heart.
I also have the worse time first thing in the morning and then again in the evening. I have some good days, but lately there have been more bad. I just went off of the prevacid that the doctor prescribed because it made my pain worse. The only drug that really has worked for me is Zantac (rantinadine) so I am going to call and see if I can get back on that.
Gaviscon is helpful, but I get worried if I drink too much. I was going to try DGL licorice before meals, that is sometimes helpful, so I am going to try it on a regular basis to see.
It causes me alot of anxiety(anxiety is really bad for us, it makes the GERD worse), I have 2 children and it really isn't fair to them but I am not sure what to do. I am not the same person that I was before this started, and it really makes me sad and mad!!
I don't think the doctors really know what to do with us. I also believe that I have a hiatal hernia, but my doctor said that the treatment for that is the same.....Lose Weight, watch diet, elliminate trigger foods...blah blah blah
I have stopped eating chocolate, tomatoes, peppermint, watermelon, I no longer drink any soda at all, no coffee, no caffiene at all...
Anyway...I heard about some new books on another thread yesterday and I am going to check them out,,I am willling to try anything!
Keep reading on this board, there are lots of great people with great ideas. It makes you feel better to know that you are not alone!
Take Care, you are in good company!!
[QUOTE=karen07;3032502]Thank you for your replies - I really appreciated it. I asked my doctor if it was my heart but she said that I would be showing other signs and said that it is nothing to do with my heart - but she did not even listen to my chest. My dad had heart problems so am concerned the docotr knows this but said their was no need to send me for any investigation re: heart. I had to make her send me to a consultant re: heartburn - mainly because work are getting fed up with me having time off work and burping all the time.

But thank you for your help - I will keep looking on the board for any info.


Hi your breathing problems - shortness of breath - I seem to have it all the time, especially at night. All other tests (heart, lungs, PFT, CT scans) all OK. On Aciphex 20 mg. Problems not as bad as when it first started, but it is always there from time to time day and evening. I sometimes wonder if it is not also caused by anxiety. What else are you doing for your breathing problem. Thanks

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