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Similar case here. Main problem started 8 mths ago and is still here today: chest pain/discomfort that gets worse at night time, but is almost always present udring the day as well, but not as bad as in the evening hours. Just to le tyou know that you are not alone. Back in Jan, EGD showed an inflammed esophagus, small hiatal hernia and mild gastritis. Barium swallow showed acid reflux too. So, decs are telling me it is GERD, but nothing seems to be helping. During the course of tests, I found out I have gallstones and HIDA scan showed underfunctioning gallbladder, so did laproscopic gallbladder removal 3 weeks ago, but don't see major improvements. I am on PPIs twice a day (Prevacid), have lost probably 10 pounds in last 4-5 months, and have sleeping difficulties (using low dosage of Trazodone to help me with sleep). DR introduced Reglan which I thought helped somewhat with chest pain, but this medicine intriduced something I have not experienced before - crashing chest pressure.

Not sure where to go from here, but hopefully there is a light at the end of this maze/tunnel.

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