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Stomach problem
Jun 21, 2007

Im a 27yr old male.For the last 5 years or so I have suffered from acid indigestion and reflux (very mild reflux), partially brought on by alcohol I believe (hey Im a young man I go out) as it seems to be worse the day after drinking - sometimes very painful and i require lots of antacids. I smoke, but only 2 cigarettes a day (religiously). ABout 3 times in my life over the last 7 years I've had a swollen bloated feeling in my stomach accompanied by a burning sensation, lack of appetite and belching. It was put down as dyspepsia by my GP.

Recently (last week), i had an experience of burning in my gullet (as it enters the stomach) when food passed through. Almost like a scraping feeling - like scraping glass against the wall, this has receded but now I have a feeling like there's an obstruction there although I have no difficulty swallowing solids, liquids Im a bit more conscious of. I got a bloated feeling in my stomach, mild pain (from burning to sharp pain - never very painful though), a slight loss of appetite and quite a bit of belching. I can't seem to eat as much as I used to be able to (2 months ago ish) although I can still manage a large meal. Its strange, almost like Im constantly aware of my stomach being there, like an irritated mass.

I haven't lost any weight (I've gained some). At the other end its ranged from constipation to the opposite but nearly always a healthy colour. The Dr has put me on Omeprazole but I've only been taking it 2 days (it doesn't seem to have done much yet). He said he doesn't think its serious because I haven't vomited any blood or lost weight.

Should I ride the drugs out for the 4 week course or go back and request an gastroendoscopy? Im a little scared of the procedure to be honest so have been reluctant to do so. Also, I have a ringing in my ears and a sore tongue, very strange.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Could it be gastritis or a peptic ulcer?

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