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I have the chest and elbow pain everday. My internist tells me I have "tennis elbow" and my gastro doctor is really not sure what is going on with me. I still have no official dx. But I have all the symptoms of acid reflux/gerd. All the testing I have had comes back clear, no reflux!
I finally have stopped rushing off to the ER with every chest pain. I just recently had a CT scan of my coronary arteries because I was so afraid that something was wrong with my heart. My cardiologist finally agreed to the testing to put me at ease. No blockage, thank god! The symptoms many people experience with gerd are very upsetting and even more so when doctors do not find clear evidence of it. I am going to see an ENT doctor (the only speciality I haven't checked out) because I seem to have a lot of mucus and the chest pain seems to go hand and hand with it. Sorry for being so graphic.

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