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I have an odd problem. See if any of you know about this:
Several times a week when I eat, I feel as if the food is stuck in my throat--- and I have to go and stick my finger down my throat and throw up the offending piece of food.
A lot of saliva and mucus comes up. this used to happen all the time, now it happens around once or twice a week. I try to eat slowly, but you know how it is...I wonder if I have terrible allergies and the built up drainage causes a clogged area? Or do I have esophageal spasms>

Sometimes, out of the blue, I will get terrible pains in my jaw and middle of my back and along my chest and even in my shoulders. It is very frightening and I have to lay down and relax till it goes away. the pain in my jaw is what really hurts and I have noticed an increase in saliva at this time.

Can anyone tell me why I am choking?
I used to drink Apple cider vinegar twice a day and it seemed that my symptoms were almost gone. :confused:
but I truly don't like the taste of the ACV...what should I do>?

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