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I hope one of you can shed some light on my problem. Just a little background info, but around 8 weeks ago I started having severe heartburn and some soreness just below my breastbone along with occasional Diarrhea. Thinking I had reflux issues, the Dr. put me on 30 mg Prevacid once per day but then had an Endoscopy a week later. They found I had Grade 1 maybe 2 Esophagitis, possible Gastritis, what appeared to be a "healing" Gastric Ulcer and to top it off 4-5 Gastric Polyps (luckily all were less than 1 cm and a biopsy showed them to be benign hyperpastic polyps). Two other biopsy samples tested negative for H. Pylori and for Barretts.

At this point I completely switched to a GERD diet, elevated my bed, and they switched me to 40 mg Nexium once per day. This killed off the bad heartburn effectively but at around 2 weeks of using Nexium the pain just below my breastbone started getting worse. At this point I switched to another Dr who thought the upper abdominal pain was a side effect of the Nexium and switched me to 20 mg Aciphex once per day however the pain and Diarrhea continue to get worse. He had multiple tests done on me including an Ultrasound, CT, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, blood test for H. Pylori and each came back negative. Still waiting on blood work to screen for Celiac Disease but he thinks it my be an ulcer that developed in the lower esophagus or upper part of the stomach despite the PPI's I've been taking. I'm now slated to go to an Esophageal Specialty Center and have another Endosopy done along with a 24 hr pH test, Manometry, and a Barium Swallow. I'd say I'm dealing with the upper abdominal pain almost constantly now and the Diarrhea is on and off from 1 day to the next.

I'm very frustrated at this point and believe the drugs are either not working or my problem is not GERD. Not sure if I'm headed toward surgery or not and was hoping someone with similar experience could help shed some light?

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