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I'm new here, too, and i have had the same problems. I was surprised when someone said that Prevacid made their chest pains worse because that's what i'm on! Only because my insurance covers it. I have had your symptoms and it seems a lot of people are suffering from this which i guess, in some ways is comforting because you feel that you're not alone. I'm a lot older than you but we still all want to feel as well as we can, regardless of our age. My breathing just feels "off" so i can understand what you're saying. I had the tests, a lot of them and all turned out negative. The only bad thing is my diet. I know that chocolate aggravates acid reflux and so does coffee and those two things are so hard for me to give up. But, i take my medicine and try to eat something healthy each day and walk. But, i've noticed that a lot of other people have said what i have found; when you're busy doing something you love or you're distracted in some way, you don't even notice the symptoms. So, is it anxiety or what? That's what i'm struggling with every day. I know i have acid reflux but is my anxiety bringing on the shortness of breath, etc. So, even though i can't answer your questions and concerns, i can certainly commisserate!
I'm reading this post and thinking to myself, what is up with reflux and belching, anyway? LOL I honestly didn't have reflux until I was under a lot of anxiety back in 2006. I've had the constant belching thing that comes and goes. I do think it gets better as I eat yogurt. I bought myself some more Activia to try. I really do think stress brings it on. I don't have the breathing problem, but I have read on the OCD health board about people being aware of their breathing, so maybe the breathing could be a little bit of anxiety, but I'm no expert on the subject, by all means. I don't have the breathing problem, so I don't know. I do know that coffee/tea don't help the reflux any. Fruit really aggravates it or greasy, fried foods or Mexican food! I had given up regular coffee and drank decaf. for over a year and still had the annoying belching, so why not do the real thing? LOL I think aciphex does eventually help when I'm on it, but who wants to take meds for the rest of their life? I'm trying to also lose weight to help. Okay, now for another thing I've noticed since the onset of reflux - my saliva is either watery or "stringy"/mouth sticky. It's SOOOO annoying. The ENT thought I was just "focused" on the problem when I told him about how my mouth would get watery, but my theory is that the saliva is trying to neutralize the extra acid build-up somehow. He was going to measure output and possibly put me on medication to dry me out, but I didn't pursue it. He did say that I should see a gastro dr., though. He also made the comment that the medication could effect me neurologically, whatever the heck that meant? I'm thinking of some horrible side effects? Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this same symptom and how did you remedy it? On days when it's watery, I try to cut back on my water intake some or will spray some Listerine in my mouth to dry it up. I have also found a natural toothpaste to help some. Who knows, maybe it's a little anxiety or OCD kicking in. I just think stress does strange things to the body, so I'm trying to eat better, exercise, pray and just plain relax!!!!

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