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Well, all of my gastro tests came back negative --- endoscopy, 24-hour PH probe, motility test, videoesophagram (man, that barium stuff tastes awful!). The doc said acid reflux doesn't appear to be the main culprit behind my compromised larynx. However, he did say that even a little bit of acid -- either by itself or in combination with mucus or allergies or whatever -- can inflame the delicate laryngeal region, and that a "normal" PH reflux test still doesn't rule out acid as a possible cause of the discomfort. (The larynx is much more fragile and sensitive than the esophagus.) So the news was both good and ... frustrating! I still have a food allergy test scheduled, as well as a direct laryngoscopy. SOMETHING's down there, gagging and choking me. Perhaps granuloma or lesions or a swollen cricolaryngeal muscle or ... I'll keep you posted. Thanks and peace to all ... Dave

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