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never had it before. I used to be a regular on here talking about acid reflux and curing it with acidophilus, apple cider vinegar and doubling my water intake.

But not sure what i ate or am doing but i now i have this upper back pain on upper right side next to the shoulder with a sensation of needing to burp.

I noticed 5 min ago it gets worse after eating a banana and thought that was weird.
Me too! I have had that feeling for a month or so. I feel it more when I burp. and I also feel it on the right side of my throat/esophegas. I've been massaging it (between the shoulder blade and spine)with a tennis ball between me and the wall. I roll the ball up and down and it seems to help. but it always comes back and it's defeinately related to the esophegas, I can feel it. If it doesn't go away soon I will get it checked out.
What the heck is it!?!
Good luck, be well.

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