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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day When you can't breathe, does your chest, throat and mouth feel as if on fire?
Does it hurt? Mine does!]

I get the burning feel, but not necessarily with the shortness of breath, I mean not exactly at the same time. I get so much stuff happening though at the same time, that it's often hard to distinguish. I probaby focus on the scariest one, and that's it.
The shortness of breath seems to happen when I feel like a brick is jammed under my sternum, and then at times it feels like I have a whole apartment block jammed in there. The one that sent me to the ER was a bit different again. Like a squeezing suffocating feeling around my ribs. Mostly I just have to consciously take a deep breath to get that satisfied, got-to-the-bottom-of-my-lungs-at-last-feeling. This other one was more like I couldn't breathe at all.
I've got the burning thing happening now actually, and yes, I've been doing the deep breath thing, so sometimes they DO happen together. I've just never stopped to think about that..
The burning feels like I have inhaled chili juice. I know there is no liquid there, so must be just the fumes off the gas, like petrol fumes I suppose? Can that happen? I always get strained voice, sinus and earache when I have bad reflux, and yet I don't get a whole lot of the regurgitation of actual acid... just occasionally, so I presume all the burning of mucous membranes is just from the fumes.
oh dear, you could only talk like that on these boards. Imagine me telling my neighbour stuff like that. It is so so reassuring to be able to talk about our weird but so real symptoms without reserve on here.
Cheers from Lily

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